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No longer a myth, Mundos Market is on its way to happen!

A Marketplace for Halcyon based worlds where world owners and residents may purchase quality content for use in their home world.

Progress Report: 6/17/2020

Multi-world account authentication and user world account selections is complete. Sign Up is working with in all listed worlds.
- Done
Sigh-Out - Done
Sign-Up - Done
Market - Exists (The page exists and allows some menu access. It will be the last to be fully working.)
Account - Done! May now add accounts in any listed member world if you have one in them. Some restrictions may apply.
World - World Owners pending the completion of the TOS document, world owner support to add their worlds is now operational.
Store - Display only. Will be the starting point for Merchants to manage their stores. Programming has started on the Store management, will parallel Administration tools required for its support.
Completely overhauled the Signup, Logon and Account pages. Allows:

  • Setting of Home account in Account. This may be any of the account you added to your list.
  • Selecting active account in Account list. This determines what world account any purchases will go to.
  • World Account removal is pending.
  • Account may be removed and all that is associated with it including list of worlds for a world owner account, and any stores associated for a Merchant account.

Added core processes for Administration - Operational support programs and web page text addition and editing. Assignment of Admin features and management to user accounts. Sign Up now has checkbox for read and agree with TOS. Added current draft of TOS to website. See "Terms" below.

The next step is to continue progress in building the features needed for each management section until all features needed for their operation are working. TOS Document is under construction and in debate with participating members in the project.

Opening soon!

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